Plenty of Both

The reader gets exactly what this book promises: animals and murder. Animals doing murder as well as being victims of murder are the features, so your mileage may vary. I cannot recommend this book to anyone who can't stand bad things happening to animals. That being stated, the most significant murders of The Animal-Lover's Book of... Continue Reading →

“Too Many Curses” by A. Lee Martinez

Books as gifts can be very risky. Unless you're getting them for me. I used to think that I was very picky where books were concerned, but receiving books for Christmas and my Birthday have changed my mind. It's very exciting, even mysterious if you've never heard of them before. One of my Christmas gifts... Continue Reading →

“I had a farm in Africa.”

I've been meaning to read this a very long time; it's my mother's favorite story as far as I can tell. Most of what I knew before reading comes from the Meryl Streep & Robert Redford movie. I found the film to be pretty cool from what I recall. It had great music and cinematography.... Continue Reading →

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